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20 things i learned by 20

so. im 20. i get asked a lot how old i am, probably because of the paradox of my striking 4'11 height along with me doing adult things like driving and dating someone who has a beard (still pretty infatuated with the fact i have a bearded boyfriend.. this is where i would place a "sorry not sorry" hashtag if i did hashtags). I'm honestly sure its confusing. so to hush the rumors, i am 20

turning 20 was kinda like.. the biggest check point of my life thus far. i mean, its TWO WHOLE DECADES. for me, the hype of being 20 is in comparison to zayn leaving one direction. (yeah remember that?) except now he's dating gigi hadid and thriving which is kinda how i feel like I'm taking on my 20's. 

I've learned a lot in my two decades on earth. mostly in the last 6 months to be honest, but heres a list of 20 things i have learned by 20, in no specific order:

1. spend time with kids.

kids are great. kids are so new. their brains are so fresh. how we, adults (ew weird old bleh), treat them kinda sets the basis for how they will view humanity. don't over look that.

2. you're never "too cool".

i was always the kid who didn't care how ridiculous i looked doing something. that changed a bit in middle school, until a girl in my 4th period called me a fun-sucker. and she was right. fun-suckers are honestly the worst. you're not too cool to have fun. i know you go home and think, "man.. i wish i would've done _____". stop wishing. be ridiculous and lets be friends

3. if you feel it, say it. 

i am an open book with a minimal filter. ask anyone. i say whats on my mind, which is great, yet some people don't take it well (raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by gracie parker). honesty can hurt ya sometimes i guess, or make you feel kinda queasy, but its a whole lot better than being told a lie or feeling captivated behind your fake vague feelings that actually are making you want to melt into a puddle of anger/love/heart eyes/sadness/crush-ness/whatever the situation. 

4. make time.

"i don't have time" "sorry I'm so busy" "sorry i have to feed my moms cousins uncles pet lizard" like honestly just drop the excuses and make time for people. people get real tired of being pushed aside. so make time today, or tomorrow, or next week. k? 

5. never stop listening to high school musical.

i have just really realized that high school musical does not get old. it will always be nostalgic and somehow relatable. troy+gabriella forever <3 (ps: we all wanted that "T" necklace amirite)

6. keep making new friends.

there are so many cool people out there. I've made some of my greatest friends in my 4ish months of being 20. never stop making friends. 

7. not everyone is gonna like you. (yikes..dont ditch reading this now)

this is a tough one to swallow, due to the fact my number one personality strength is "woo". I'm a people pleaser. not in a way that ill do anything to be liked, but i like when people like me. which is uh...i think slightly normal. but, I've realized that people not liking you doesn't stop after high school and its just a thing. but- don't feed it. keep being kind. people may not like you just because, but don't give them a reason behind it. nah what i mean?

8. chick fil a is not over rated.

theres a weird thing amongst so many 20-something-year-olds that chick fil a can be consumed 4 times a day and not get old. it just doesn't. (if somehow someone from chick fil a reads this, make breakfast last till at least 11:30) 

9. be faithful where you are. 

too many people look too hard at the end, where they want to be rather than embracing where they are. there is always good to be done right where you are. be present. don't wish your life away.  

10.  instagram aesthetics are actually difficult.

are some people's lives actually awesome and all of their surroundings are white and pale pink? is that real???! i mean, just wondering if there are any tips i can obtain to master the art of all white surroundings because it just makes you look very put together.

11. have someone older than you pour into you.

our generation is kinda entitled (sorry if thats offensive). we like to think we've got it all together and we don't need no help (allude to the 'i don't need no man' voice. thats how i said that). but, its not true. we always need help. its the constant amongst humanity. have someone older and wiser than you pour into you. not someone a year older, someone actually older. for real. its important.

12. don't listen to your own lies.

I've realized that some of the worst lies I've heard are the ones i tell myself. the ones that creep in when I'm having an unproductive day. the ones that creep in when I'm eating my weight in flavor blasted goldfish and binge watching the office. don't listen to the voice that tells you that you're less than, unsuccessful, lazy, worthless..we've all been there. fix your mind. don't give that voice the attention or satisfaction of even a little bit of  belief. you rock and you can eat a whole bag of gold fish. you look good and you're awesome.

13. wait.

the best parts of my life recently have come from waiting. don't just quickly grab what immediately comes to your attention. wait it out. see what's going to be best. just wait.

 14. read books. read your bible. read articles. read.

intake knowledge that isn't your own. learn from other peoples perspectives. learn from the Lord. expand your horizon of thinking. 

15. have emotions.

why do people think saying "i have no emotions" is cool? is being emotionally numb trendy? is it cool to not love or not cry or not get mad or not feel any type of pain when you realize its been 14 years since the lizzie mcguire movie came out?! i mean really

16. no, its not too much

who cares what people think. you don't look awkward if you don't feel awkward. wear the dang outfit. say your dang feelings. wear 12 rings. if you wanna do it, do it. if its "too much" for someone then peace out to them. just do it!! 

17. sneak food into the movies.

you'll never regret it. i don't know if i can get in trouble for promoting this idea, i just personally love eating french fries and ice cream while watching a nice film ok....

18. tell people where you got what you're wearing in your instagram picture.

i mean girl power. come on. be a girl for the girls!!! we all wanna be cute. don't be selfish. *insert girl emoji with hand out* 

19. talk to people.

people are becoming less and less friendly. its sad. talk to people in the check out line. talk to the guy doing your nails. your hair person. your dads friend that stopped by for dinner. just talk to them. 

20. let it start/end with YOU

whatever 'it' is. let happiness in your work place start with you. let gossiping being cool end with you. let a new trend start with you. let stereotypes end with you.

21. aim to exceed. (like 21 things on a title that says 20) 


xoxoxo readers