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things i have learned & fallen in love with & its only (almost) april

as said in the title, its only almost april and this year has already been totally awesome. honestly. is it too soon to say best year ever? *hides from possible lightening strike and aggressively knocks on wood* anyway- I've learned and learned to love so many different things, some important, some maybe not, and thought i would share. ill start with things I've learned and then follow with the other ones. here. we. go.

what I've learned:

1. you don't always need the expensive coffee, but sometimes you just have to get it.

so somedays, you're just feeling yourself and thats okay. somedays you can convince yourself out of the large, iced caramelatta from a super trendy coffee shop in downtown wherever. but then somedays you look good, you feel good, your outfit rocks, you wanna post an insta pic, and you want that freakin $5.25 coffee and ITS OKAY. you're future home is not going to be struggling because you got the expensive coffee. sometimes ya just gotta.

2. you're never too old for new friends.

i always heard from people that after high school is when you meet your permanent friends. don't get me wrong, i keep in contact with some people from high school and this may not relate to you, but as for me.. yes. i have met some of the most amazing people in the past two years, but specifically in the year 2017 (some beginning in the end of 2016). its neat, making new friends. its still kinda the cool adrenaline rush of making a new friend in elementary school, minus having to like.. share toys. (but i have learned, random side note, that boys share clothes like girls share clothes and its so funny). to get back on track- i think people forget that making new friends doesn't have to be something that only happens when you're a kid. its just as fun making new friends when you're 20. its never too late to make a friend. seriously just say, "hey do you wanna be friends?" this is literally how i have made probably 5 of my newest, closest friends. seriously.

3. a small circle doesn't make you an exclusive person.

as i grow closer to people, i have realized that a core, foundation group of people is so necessary. sharing 'it all' with everyone can be slightly exhausting (in my opinion). honestly, everyone doesn't need to know everything and its fine to have a friend thats closer than other. don't be like obnoxious and annoying about who your circle is and tell people 'oh sorry you're not in my circle'. likeeee people don't have to know the name of people in your circle, but you can have your circle and other people who you're friends with. don't let people make you feel guilty for not sharing things with them that you don't want to. you know who your circle is and should be, and thats perfect. guard your feelings. be aware. were too old to worry about the safekeeping of our feelings, yeah?

4. eating healthy is hard. kudos healthy eaters. 

i don't really have more to say about this other than the title. i just really love pizza rolls and french fries and i can't believe people can go without those. kudos.

things I've fallen in love with:

1. documented moments.

i have always known that i love photos, but the past couple of months I've really fallen in love with documentation. i know that parents and some people get super annoyed with us always taking pictures and videos of things, but there are few things i love more than reminiscing. memories are so great. seeing the exact movements and hearing the exact words in a moment is so neat, and so technologically new-ish and i just think it should be used. take pictures! take videos! don't let people make you feel annoying by doing so!

2. food dates.

aside from me really loving any and all foods besides cottage cheese and tuna, i have probably gone on an embarrassing number of food dates in the past few months. i have probably spent an embarrassing amount of money on foods that i don't really need to be eating and begin each meal with "i don't have the money for this", but i have learned that you can really get to know a person through a meal. people love eating. what better place to get to know someone than bonding over the comfort and joy of a food date? whether its proper finger food and you just eat salad or something, or go balls to the wall and eat a burrito- meals make friends I'm pretty sure. i should probably have some shame in how much I've talked about food in this post, but cmon. be real. pppsshhhhh. i don't. 

3. journaling. 

i have always kept journals and written about books i read and what not, but this year alone i have already gone through 6 journals. i have written about everything. if it happened, if i did it, i wrote about it. (so don't wrongly cross me or i will burn book you) (just kidding) (kinda) (hehe).  but on the real, its neat. even going back and reading my journal from january is so nostalgic, and it is documentation of growth and interests and seeing what you cared or didn't care about in a moment is so interesting. sometimes i read what i wrote and literally laugh at my own stupidity, but its great and i highly encourage it. get a journal. get some colored pens (bc colored pens duh) and write about your life. 

4. people different than i. 

i have come to find out that the common phrase, "i could never be friends with that person" its not really a real thing and i hate it. majority of my best friends now are people i never would've deemed my closest people, and i feel guilty for ever even thinking the surface of a person depicts the type of heart that they may have. i have completely fallen in love with people different than i and i have fallen in love with individuality because of this. people are so cool and unique and vast.  if i can give advice on this- stop only being friends with people who look, talk, act, and think just like you. be friends with people who challenge you and differ from you. you'll find out new things about yourself.

one of my goals for this year and for the rest of my life is to simply gain perspective. i want to enjoy, not worry. i want to be present. i want to have more "sure lets do it" moments than "oh sorry i can't"s. ya know? i challenge you to do that too! :) thx for reading!!!

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