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6 things to strive for other than money


I'm currently taking a break from cleaning my room and doing laundry to finish up this post. A lot of what is written was written before this beginning couple of sentences, but working backwards is kinda a thing for me *kanye shrug*. Getting older I have realized that people spend their entire lives in hopes of a lot of money. Money is great and all, but you know when you enjoy something that money didn't buy and you just feel good? Because you were just given it? Yeah, I love those things. Here's 6:

1. Seeing sunsets/sunrises

I love sunsets. Have you ever actually met a person who has said "oh sunsets are stupid?" No, you haven't. Don't argue it. We all know sunsets and sunrises are beautiful and so crazy we can hardly wrap our minds around the colors and extraordinariness of it. So try to see more of those.

2. Peace

The happiest I've been has been lately when I have accepted and made peace with things that have/are happening. There comes a point that you accept and realize that there are somethings you cannot do much about. Worrying and causing anxiety on yourself over it is not going to change it. Strive for peace. 

3. Good hair days 

We all love em. You can have as much money as you want but if your hair always looks crumby then......yeah nuff said. Good hair days>

4. Good organization skills

Remember when I said I was taking a break from cleaning my room? Yeah.... cleaning is hard for people like me who could literally live in a mountain of my own belongings and still somehow know where everything is and leave looking way more put together than my room. I don't love cleaning and I am not naturally organized. Being organized is a goal I set for myself a lot, because I always ruin it by being a slob. I envy those people who are so naturally clean. LIKE HOW?! I want to be you!!!! But for real. Organization is basically the number one thing you need in adulthood other than a venti iced coffee. (its true, adults are always tired i get it now)

5. AMAZING friends

I've noticed amongst people my age, post graduation age, that many enter this weird mindset of total independence that I don't totally understand. Like, I get it, be self sufficient, but YALL! We need friends. Amazing friends keep life so fun and so interesting. Make friends that you can watch Naked & Afraid until midnight and constantly giggle at the strangers naked hug/handshake with!! (s/o to my roommate cara we do that) But seriously! Friends keep ya young and fresh and alive and they may even let you borrow their cute clothes!

6. Experiences

Something I have learned about myself is that I like experiences far more than objects. Concerts, walks, meeting new people, doing new things, being surprised. I love the thrill of a genuine good time. Nothing beats it. Strive for the thrill of experience!!


This was kind of a random list, but they are things I have recently loved and learned. Money isn't everything. Accomplishments are not everything. A life of simplistic fun and meaningful relationships (and good hair days bc duh) rocks and I encourage it.


(also I'm trying to get way better at being consistent blogging so hold me to it)



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