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this post is a long time coming because I wanted to wait until the entire process was done to give an entire over view. 

but... I got my eyebrows microbladed and it is THE best decision ever! (not like of my entire life but for me physically, yes I am very happy).  

having blonde features is always something I’ve been kinda self conscious about. I’m very confident otherwise, but for me, “no make up” always meant “no make up except filling in my eye brows”. I always just haaaated having no eye brows! It sounds so silly, but it really was the ONE THING I did not feel confident about on my face.  



This is before and after mircroblading.  As you can see, I had literally NO EYE BROWS. They are naturally SOOOO blonde. 



this is how I used to fill them in (HAHAHA) compared to microblading after! 


i got gem done at Expressions Brow Studio in Atlanta by Angela James & it was AMAZING! The experience was really comfortable!  

From start to finish, she was great & so easy to talk to! It was NOT painful at all! it starts with maybe 10 minutes on each brow, and then after the 10 mins each, numbing cream is applied and you feel NOTHING the rest of the time. 

I just went for my touch up to get some spots touched up (duh) and get them a smidge darker.  



This is them after my touch up! I literally put NO make up on them, I don’t fill them in at all! It makes me so much more comfortable with wearing 100% no make up. If microblading is something you’re considering, I HIGHLY recommend it! If you’re local to Atlanta, I 10000% recommend Expressions Brow Studio!  




*cue this is me from the greatest showman*

*cue this is me from the greatest showman*