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awkward in-between.

so, while i was at the beach over spring break with my boo thang (luh you boo), the weather was weird. one second it would feel humid and i was sweating and my hair turned into a literal afro, and then by late afternoon i was shivering and contemplating buying a sweater because I'm dramatic when I'm cold. (people who know me will read this and say in their head "she's dramatic all the time" but chill.. ok friends..thank you) anyway- it was all just odd. being my first time at the beach in april, because my parents would have rather me dyed my hair blue and cut it into a mohawk than ever go on spring break, i was in a "what the heck is this ish?!?" mindset. picture me yelling at the weather trying to tell it to make up its mind because thats kinda exactly what was happening here. but, it got me thinking. the beach was so absorbed in an 'in-between season' and it aggravated people. i saw tweets and instagram captions about the flaky weather, people were not having homegirls wanted to wear they're new spring break clothes and fix their hair and not have humid afros, ya feel? while thinking on the weather of the beach when i got home (i literally sound like a grandma), it occurred to me that there are in between seasons of life. and they aggravate us (more than likely). people like knowing whats gonna happen. people like security and foundation in the future. so at the beach, people weren't happy when they didn't know if they needed to bring a jacket or wear pants or stay inside because it might down pour, and in life people get aggravated when they don't know what is next. when they're waiting. when they're in an in-between and all they can do is kinda hope things end up like they want.

when i decided that i think this topic would be my next blog, i started to think and try to make a list of the most common 'in betweens' people get into. heres what i came up with:

-going from in a relationship to single (or vice versa) 

-high school to college

-college to a job

-becoming independent financially

-teenage years to twenties (weird actual adulthood)

-wanting to dream chase or play it safe

-life change stuff (style, personality, friends, attitude, eating habits, becoming fit, etc)

granted, this is a rough draft, vague-ish list, but i think its some of the most common, especially amongst the demographic actually reading this. in between seasons are so weird (I hope no adults read this because saying weird is probably not the most proper verbiage). going from a steady foundation of one place, to kinda just lingering in this life waiting for a foundation of the next season. i was talking with a friend of mine recently (Andrew Livingston, s/o), and we described it in a way that you can see the finished product, you can envision yourself in the next place, its just not there yet. nearly, but not quiiiiite yet. which is kinda sucky, but i also think it can be kinda awesome. 

i think instead of deeming it as a hopeless season of waiting, it can be a season full of opportunity to learn. just because action isn't presenting itself to you doesn't mean you have to do nothing. be tenacious (a word inspired by my friend, s/o caleb stanley) but seriously... LEARN. learn about where you're wanting to be next. for me, I'm in the categories of relationship and age. I'm 20, and its a weird age because am i young? am i old? do i take everything seriously? do i brush things off? my boyfriend is 2 years away from his mid 20's (he's gonna hate me for that) so i old? but back to what i was saying about learning, ask people closest to me they can fend for this, I'm constantly reading and watching things about where i am. i watch sermons and read books about relationships, i read books about becoming an adult, like its stupid but awesome. i just think that in betweens are such an amazing opportunity to use your resources and take advantage of your freedom in that season to learn and grow. 

get to know yourself in this season. work on becoming the best version of you, however you do that, so that when the waiting is over and a prayer is answered or a door is opened, you can say "i am ready. thank goodness i prepared". it would suck to be given an opportunity and wish that you would've spent your time in the in-between better. right?

so maybe it's not time to full fledged take action, but you can always be proactive. there are advantages to the in-between. treat the process with the same quality you want the finished product to be. make sense? awesome.  



enjoy this image of me and boo at the beach. no correlation I just like it.  

& here's a verse I think is great inspiration amidst inbetweens :)  

& here's a verse I think is great inspiration amidst inbetweens :)  

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