real talk

I'm just trying to keep it real real.

ok now ladies

this is a spontaneous post. typed and posted in about an hour...all white eating cereal & watching the bachelorette. but- ladies- you're on my heart. I've recently, in the past couple of years, grown really passionate about ladies knowing their worth and truly knowing themselves and falling totally in love with exactly who they are. this didn't happen for me until i was about 19, and i soooOooOooo wish it happened sooner. i wish i had someone who spoke that simple truth into me. to love myself. to respect myself. to care for and about myself. whether that comes from this blog or another person, i desperately want every girl to receive that truth. heres a list of things i wish i was told and things i have learned about just being a confident, young, boss, awesome, totally cool, really short, Jesus lovin, donut eatin proud to be a LADY! boom. Here we go.

1. no one elses opinion actually matters.

i spent all (yes all) of my high school days caring. not in a good way. i was in the popular crowd and i set expectations for myself every single day that i wanted to meet. i cared if people complimented me. i cared if people thought i was cool and i just WASNT. i was a submissive girl who pleased everyone and was never my full self because i was so concerned about what other freaking HIGH SCHOOLERS thought. so sad. one of my biggest regrets.

2. (going off of the above) your opinion matters.

whether someone makes you feel like what you're saying is in significant or whether its your own opinion about yourself. what you think matters. negative or positive. right or wrong. you deserve to be heard. you deserve to enjoy yourself. nurture your opinions. don't let people shush you into silence. 

3. double text. like old photos. creep on instagrams.

do these things. were girls. were basically the FBI. like who decided doing these things is desperate or weird? societal rules are so stupid and not even real and they change like every 4 weeks. 

4. love yourself before you love anyone else.

man. deep. but really. no wonder my past relationships plummeted. i means still friends with the dudes but like....they plummeted. i didn't like myself. i didn't even know myself. you can't receive the love you don't know if is for you or not. ya know? loving yourself is so rewarding. become completely confident in yourself. be ok with being the 5th wheel. rock your outfits. treat yo-self. spend your single time well. learn and love yourself girl.

5. love is more than the same music taste and perfect vocabulary in a goodnight text.

when you have real love, you'll know it. and chances are... it won't be the person who sends you goodnight texts that are as long as this blog post every night. that person will be your friend. you will be able to sit comfortably in silence with that person. you may hate their taste in music but love their heart. you may hate their habits but think they are hilarious. surface, changing qualities aren't what keep love going. go ahead and understand this.

6. you are more than your body

whether you're tall, small, big, short- nothing anyone says about your body defines you. nothing further.

7. do things that make you uncomfortable 

don't like, get in a car with a drunk stranger necessarily but... go to concerts. hangout with people you normally wouldnt. call that guy. express yourself. wear the outfit you spent $80 on but you think is too much. go to church. invite someone to church. make a new friend. go eat by yourself. we've got to get out of our bubbles. don't get old and awkward.

8. be a fan girl.

whether its bachelor, one direction, justin bieber, zayn malik, drake...girl pour your heart out. we are meant to be obnoxious about people we will never meet. its great convo. we are all fan girls about something. rep it. 

9. take advice. 

we all need advice. sucky advice helps us learn how much smarter we are than some people and great advice is great. its a win win. ask for advice. 

10. fall in love with life.

life is beautiful and uncertain. you may get married, you may not. you may have 80 friends, you may have 5. you may be invited to things you want to decline, but don't do it. learn to love life. love opportunity. love where you are and where you have been and will be. a girl who is in love with life and the Lord is invincible.


thats all.

girl power!!!!!