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morning skin routine

i am including two morning skin routines. both of which i have done and still do depending on what i have close by or with me. one is the very affordable/drug store products routine & then including a sephora products/more expensive product routine. again, i do both of these depending on what i have or what i brought with me. the process on the skin is super similar. i will also add that i don’t have very sensitive skin, so trying new products and switching routines doesn’t cause me break outs. if you have more sensitive skin, i would recommend to you to research these products before taking my word for it.

Drunk Elephant morning routine

+ Jade Roller

This is the pricier option. I got a set of Drunk Elephant products for Christmas, and I will admit that it did take my skin about a week to adjust to it. Their products are very natural and do work super well together, but my skin was very used to drug store brands. It didn’t cause a bad reaction, just gave me a little bit of texture in places I was targeting for a week. Nothing crazy.

My first step in the morning is using the Jelly Cleanser. It’s always great to use a gentle cleanser before doing the rest of your routine or doing your make up. It removes any bacteria or left over make up on your face that can come from the night before or from your pillow or your hands etc. I use a wet rag with this to exfoliate my skin a bit while rubbing the cleanser on.

Make sure you rinse all of the cleanser off or your skin will be holding it all day. Wash it and dry it until your face is smooth, not sticky.

The next step is using the Day Serum. It is made to brighten and tighten your skin. If you have uneven skin tone or skin texture, this is the cure!! My skin is very uneven in texture and this has helped it so much. The skin on my chin and around my nose is typically rougher and dryer than the rest of my face, and it has helped moisten up those areas to match the rest of my skin.

I top both of these steps off with the Whipped Cream moisturizer. It locks in the two steps your did prior, and keeps your skin moisturized without being greasy. I love this product and use it morning and night.

Lastly, I roll my Jade Roller to press all of the moisture and product into my skin. I roll it for about 10-15 minutes. I store it in the fridge so that its nice and cold on the mornings. It helps with waking up your skin and de-puffing it. I wake up with some puffy eyes in the mornings and this has been a God send!


Drugstore brand morning skin routine

+ Jade Roller

This skin routine is the EXACT routine I have done since I was in proooobably 8th or 9th grade. Its the basics, but its all ya need sometimes if you don’t have super complex skin. The steps and the reasoning are the exact same pretty much.

I always start with removing left over make up/bacteria from sleeping. I am very loyal to Neutrogina Makeup Wipes, but in the timing that I went to the store and then took this photo….they were out at target. So target brand it is for this week. But, I ALWAYS use Neutrogina brand.

Next, I will wipe my face gently with Clearasil acne pads. I mainly focus this on areas that I may be breaking out or tend to break out. I use them really gently because they can be harsh. They also help a lot with firming the skin and evening out texture.

Lastly, I lock it all in and moisturize with Jergen’s Ultra Healing Lotion. I remember growing up, this was just alllllways in my house. I have used it for everything, even my tattoos ha! But, it really is so hydrating and so gentle and smooth. Its the perfect simple moisturizer that just does its job.

Like the other routine, I follow this with my jade roller to really press it all into my skin.

I hope that this is helpful! I linked every product, and up top, linked the specific set I got. Please comment any questions you may have!

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